S.No. Description Date
31 Office Order Regarding Payment of Invoices Received in Current Financial Year. 22-02-2016
32 Office order regarding integration of Raj eVault with all applications 05-01-2016
33 Office order regarding integration of eSign with all applications 11-12-2015
34 Office order regarding integration of Raj SewaDwaar with all applications​ 10-12-2015
35 Purchase order for Autodesk's Software Product Licenses (RIICO). 19-10-2015
36 U.O.Note regarding amendment in rule 5 of the RTPP Rules 2013 30-09-2015
37 U.O. Note regarding section 17 of RTTP Act 2012. 27-08-2015
38 Office Order for Winners of e-Gov Rajasthan Awards 2014-15 06-07-2015
39 Successful completion of probation of Shri Lokesh Gupta on the post of Company Secretary 26-06-2015
40 Office order regarding extension of Rate Contract under the category Website Development, Web Application Development and FMS for existing Website or Web Application for One year and Facility Management Services for newly developed Websites or Web Applications for additional One year (2014) ”vide RFP no. F4.6 (94)/RISL/Tech/2014/12424 dated 13.01.2014. 18-06-2015
41 Office order regarding look after the work of Director (Finance) during leave period. 25-05-2015
42 Extension of RFP no F4.6(93)/RISL/Tech/2013/12502 dated 13.01.2014 for “Rate Contract for Security Audit for website(s)/web application(s) for Government of Rajasthan” for next 1 year i.e. 10.03.2015 to 09.03.2016 20-04-2015
43 U.O.Note for providing information about pending bills 19-03-2015
44 Office order regarding issuance of payment sanction. 03-03-2015
45 Purchase order for procurement supply, Install & Support Service of Microsoft Software Products Licenses 16-02-2015
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