Rajasthan State Wide Area Network

Department of Information Technology and Communication, Government of Rajasthan and RISL (State Designated Agency) are executing RajSWAN project to work as a backbone for all e-Governance initiatives, that shall provide dedicated connectivity between government departments for flow of data, voice and video information.

RajSWAN Architecture: Logically divided into two network segments.

  1. Vertical Segment: The Vertical segment of RajSWAN is compossed of a total of 273 Vertical PoPs classified as:

1 SHQ PoP (State Data Centre [SDC], Yojana Bhawan, Jaipur identified as SHQ.)
32 DHQ PoPs (1 at each District of the state)
240 BHQ PoPs (1 each Block)

  1. Horizontal Segment: Under Horizontal segment of RajSWAN it is proposed to initially connect 4587 Horizontal offices in 3565 unique buildings across the state and subsequently more offices may be connected as when required


  1. Work order has been issued and an agreement has signed with RajSWAN operator
  2. Bandwidh services to be provided by BSNL.
  3. RajSWAN is currently under implementation phase.
  • Commissioning of RajSWAN network in SHQ, 2 Vertical PoPs at DHQ and 2 Vertical PoPs at BHQ each in Ajmer & Jodhpur districts on pilot basis started on 31st March, 2012.
  • 2 Horizontal offices one each at DHQ and BHQ have been connected in Ajmer district on pilot basis on 31st March, 2012.
  • Out of 1 SHQ PoP and 272 PoP Sites at DHQ and BHQ Level, operator has completed installation at all 273 PoP sites and BSNL has commissioned 261 PoP sites as on 31.01.2013.
  • Operator has installed hardware at approx 3400 offices.

    TCIL to provide consultancy services for RajSWAN project.