IT Solution

Customised Solutions
Our solutions are time tested and approved by our valued customers. RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. undertakes the complete job of development of a computerized System, right from its inception till the final implementation. We perform

  • Feasibility and Requirement Study and Analysis
  • Detailed System Study
  • Design of the Computerized System
  • Software Development
  • Website Development
  • Online Application
  • System Implementation

 Multimedia Development
Although Multi Media is a new and still emerging technology, RISL has already made a mark in this area too. We undertake a variety of Multi Media applications and projects. Our major experience has been in:

  • Multi Media Information Kiosk
  • CD Publishing
  • Customized Graphics and Animation Development
  • Virtual Reality – Visual Walkthrough & Simulation
  • Preparing Profiles and Corporate Presentations


 GIS Development

A pioneering work in India has been done by RISL in the field of Geographical Information System. A Decision Support System – Vikas Darpan – based on GIS has been developed by RISL to facilitate resource based decentralized planning at all the District headquarters. The queries with regards to GIS maps & attribute data, up to village level, are also taken care of, on assignment basis. We have expertise in

  • GIS based Decision Support System
  • Adhoc Query Handling w.r.t. GIS maps and Data attributes
  • Development of Resource based Atlas
  • Application Development for GIS