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The Internet is growing by leaps and bounds. Companies and individuals are joining on in record numbers. It is estimated that there are approximately 100 million users on the Internet. The opportunity exists for businesses that effectively utilize the Internet to gain a competitive advantage by offering their services and products to a wider customer base. A properly designed page will complement your current advertising, and will give you increased flexibility in distributing information. In general terms, a web site will make it easier to promote what you do, in an attractive manner. The big problem though, is that designing an effective web site can be a tedious and difficult task for most people. It pays to work with a professional company who can guide you through this development process from start to finish. RajCOMP provide you this support… and more.


 Complete Solutions for the Internet

RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. is a one-stop place for all your needs to put you on the Internet. Right from the designing of Web Pages for your organization and hosting them on the Internet to maintaining the Website, getting user feedbacks and updation of your site, everything is done in-house by RajCOMP effectively and with the maximum impact. Graphics are essential components of a Web Page and our Multimedia Developers take care of them. One cannot imagine a website today without usage of Java Scripts, Java applets and database connectivity. Having an in-house team of trained professionals makes development and integration of these scripts with web pages seamless. Needless to say that the difference is visible.


 Skilled Staff

RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. has a dedicated cell for Internet Development, which comprises of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Umpteen number of appreciated websites and several pages have been designed and developed by them. Don’t forget to have a glimpse of the Showcase.


 Expertise in Designing

RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. has since long been into Multimedia and has created several Multimedia applications for Government and Private Sector alike. The applications include CD-ROM design & Publication, Budget Presentations in Vidhan sabha, Information Kiosks and many other corporate presentations. Also the Websites developed by RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. have been very well received for their designs.


 Keeping in touch

RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. has always been aware of the latest technologies and trends in the area of IT and have made special efforts to keep its infrastructure and brainpower up-to-date. That is why we have the best of the resources whether it be hardware, development tools or personnel.