S.No. Description Date
121 Office order regarding website development maintenance, updation and content translation under various packages with the firms 09-05-2012
122 Office order regarding daily attendance 02-05-2012
123 Office order regarding administrative and financial sanction 10-04-2012
124 Office order regarding empanelled firms under the category e-Gov. consultancy for preparation of DPR/RFP 20-03-2012
125 Office order regarding man-month charges for in-house developments by the company 20-03-2012
126 Office order regarding manual on policies and procedures for procurement of goods and services 20-03-2012
127 Office order regarding attendance before proceeding any work or meeting. 17-01-2012
128 Circular regarding submission of any proposal on file for issuing sanction etc 05-01-2012
129 New service charges on percentage basis on actual cost of IT/e-Governance projects 21-12-2011
130 Finance order regarding rule 32(A) 12-07-2011
131 Office order for IT projects, the officers / employees of the company are required to work on holidays. 19-12-2010
132 Office order regarding service tax 06-08-2010
133 Office order regarding development & maintenance charges of website 21-06-2010
134 Maintenance charges of websites before 2010 25-11-2006
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