Rajasthan Accountability Assurance System (RAAS)

Government of Rajasthan intends to implement “Rajasthan Accountability Assurance System (RAAS)” to ensure implementation of true Good Governance in Rajasthan.  It is envisaged that to ensure the reach of Government till the very grassroots, usage to ICT shall play a predominant role.  To ensure that the Government officials get connected to the residents at all times, Biometric, GIS, Geo tagging and connectivity enabled monitoring systems shall be implemented, to ensure monitoring and delivery at every tier of the Government architecture and thereby achieving the true sense of Good Governance.

In reference to the above and as per the approval of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Rajasthan, the “Rajasthan Accountability Assurance System (RAAS) project has been implemented in Dholpur District as a pilot project (As per para No. 1/N to 19/N of the Notesheet) for the following objects:

  1. GPS enablement of Vehicles with Real-time movement tracking on GIS in 100 government vehicles of Dholpur District Administration.
  2. Mandatory Geo-tagged photographic evidence system (Total No. 100).
  3. Installation of Biometric Attendance of field functionaries and senior officials at 302 desired locations – (A: 150- one each at each field level office. B:  152-one at each panchayat.)

As per the above, the GPS enablement of vehicles with Real-time movement tracking system and Bio-metric attendance system has been installed successfully in Dholpur District.

Subsequently, as per the decision taken in the SeMT meeting dated 17th Oct. 2014 (placed at page 149-155/C), the RAAS project is to be implemented in around ten more districts in the current financial year in the first phase.  The remaining 22 districts would be taken up for implementation subsequently.   The SeMT committee has opined that, a separate State Budget Head may be opened for the project in the next financial year i.e. 2015-16.

The cost for complete state wide roll out in all 33 districts is estimated to be Rs. 33.55 crores approximately.

The SeMT committee accorded technical approval to the total project for cost Rs. 39,55,45,048.00 (inclusive of RISL service charges and applicable taxes) with funding of Rs. 500.00 lacs from Backend Budget Head of DoIT&C in the current financial year (2014-15).

The file is submitted for opening of separate budget head for the project “Rajasthan Accountability Assurance System (RAAS)”, based on the above facts and in pursuance of Administrative Department approval at PN/87-102.